Our Services.

Our integral services, are oriented in a structure that is oriented in a true "Door to Door" service. What you need to import or export from a small package to full containers, to and from anywhere in the world.

  • Internal freight from the origin to the desired point and under the circumstances of cost and time that prevail in the market.
  • Sea or air freight as agreed with the customer and under the circumstances of cost and time that prevail.
  • Internment of goods from the port of entry to the Fiscal Store, the Company or the Customer.
  • Advice on customs matters, nationalization, tax calculation, additional procedures, warehousing in addition to export procedures and special regimes. We have a customs agency.
  • Real-time load situation information.
  • Personalized service by our duly trained staff that provides the solutions to your needs of cargo, consolidation and Customs Logistics in general.
  • We carry special or oversized cargoes according to customer requirements.
  • Placement of exclusive ships and / or charters for movements of special loads.

Our services are offered under a global cost scheme that protects the client's interests and with a timely response.

The following products are examples of what we have worked with:
  • Chemicals.
  • Vehicles.
  • Raw material.
  • Appliances.
  • Electrical materials.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Marine equipment
  • Communications equipment.
  • Building materials.
  • Food products.
  • Medical equipment and laboratories.
  • Heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Parts and spare parts of machinery.
  • Health and beauty products.
  • Computers and electronic equipment.
  • Radar and telecommunication equipment.
  • Parts and spare parts for cars and vans.
  • Parts and spare parts for aircraft and helicopters.
  • laundry equipment and commercial dryers.
  • Electric plants (generators) and their accessories.
  • Office equipment and supplies: photocopiers, copiers.
And much more!!!